Partially back open !

We’re back!

Though the stay home order is still in place in Washington state, we’ve gotten some clarification on essential work and have also taken steps to reduce our risk of contact or exposure.

We’ve decided to make soap and other essentials as well as make some changes to accommodate this new normal. 

Our workshop is located inside the beautiful Turner Mansion, a shared office space, which means there are other businesses that are also essential and who are still taking clients. Thankfully, the owners of the building and the other business owners have taken quick steps to limit our interactions with each other, including closing common areas, limiting the days of the week to take clients, as well as many people working from home.

With these precautions being taken by everyone in our building and being able to do a lot of work from home ourselves, we feel confident we can stay safe, provide amazing all-natural skincare, and with the help of trusted USPS deliver self-care straight to your door.

Our further precautions at the workshop include: 

  • Cleaning - We’ve had time now to clean, disinfect and reorganize our workshop space. We will also wipe everything down with alcohol before we package it to be shipped.
  • Inventory - We’ve had time to do a full inventory, we have enough product and supplies to make our usual products and start making more essentials like different kinds of soap. With your help we’ll continue to keep working as long as we can. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment - We’ve always taken sanitation seriously, during inventory we also found we have enough cleaning supplies and PPE to safely operate.
  • Reduced shipping schedule - we will only package orders and deliver them to USPS one day a week, to limit the number of days we go to our workshop and to the post office.

With these changes and precautions we’re confident we can safely help deliver essentials and self-care to your door.

This plan is contingent on the health of our staff, just this mother and daughter duo, and our other family members, of course. 

If there’s anything you need from us or have an idea of a way we can better help please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email or on social media. 

 Everything is available to order, on our website at

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