July 2020 Update!

This has been a crazy year for us, and probably most of you as well. As Co-Owner of Blissful Balms & Bath, I just wanted to check in and chat with you. First and foremost, we hope you're well and staying healthy, and also to say, “THANK YOU.”  All the support we have received in the last few months has been overwhelmingly amazing and is really keeping our small business alive and thriving! We could not have done this without you. 

As this pandemic shows few signs of slowing down, we have been forced to make adjustments to how we do everything in life, and that includes growing our business. It has been frustrating at certain times. It seems like we're adjusting our schedules, processes, and even our plan of action, every other week. I know for me, personally, that has been tough. I’ve been longing for a sense of normalcy that goes along with keeping normal routines. But none of this is normal! Life has a funny way of reminding us that it's all about “goin with the flow”,  and sometimes those adjustments lead to bigger and better things than what we initially had planned. 

One of our goals this year was to take part in every vendor show and market that we could, including some bigger events we had scheduled in the Seattle area for spring and summer. While some events may still take place later this year, because we have especially vulnerable people in our family, we made the decision to cancel any remaining shows through the rest of 2020, and parts of 2021, as well. This decision was disheartening as a business owner, as these events help us grow an immeasurable amount. They provide a place for us to introduce ourselves and our products, allowing customers a first hand feel, or smell of all our great products. It also gives us immediate feedback, as well as, the financial boost from a good market day. Also getting to meet other makers and small business owners has been a highlight of past shows, for us. All of those things are great, but just not worth risking lives, so we’ve had to adjust. 

We were getting pretty consistent sales from our social media platforms and loyal customers (and family!), but our growth really slowed down, so we started looking for ideas. We opened our Etsy Shop and revamped how we do our social media (so much planning!). We also decided on opening up our store to wholesale accounts, which was a much bigger undertaking than we realized. We set a goal in June to work on the back end of things, making sure our pricing was set and we even took the time to refine some of our products and packaging to be ready. Remember what i was saying about things just working out?! Less than two weeks after setting this goal, really just days after we printed out our final wholesale price list, two big opportunities presented themselves! 

Our products are slated to be part of the INW Trading Co. August Box, as well as, being featured in vending machines by Vintage Vending around the Spokane area. We’re so excited to be working with other local small businesses and for these opportunities to share our products with local consumers again. We already had select products at WrightWay Beauty Supply, a local Black Veteran-Owned Company, who gave us a shot last year when we were just starting out. In the coming months we will be looking to expand into the wholesale market even more, so if you know anyone who owns or runs a small business (or a big business, we are ready!), let us know or send them our way! We have added a special wholesale account signup to make it easy, for people to share their information and order direct from our website. 

With adjusted attitudes, we are now looking forward to the coming months of growth and even the unknown changes we’ll face. We’ve got big ideas in mind to continue being a positive part of our Spokane community, and look forward to seeing you all again safely, soon, hopefully. 

Stay safe out there friends!

Jillisa Winkler 

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