Ingredient Highlights: Essential Oils


People have found innumerable uses for the plants that grow along side us, including extracting their oils to be used for medicinal and beauty benefits, aromatherapy, perfumes, and overall well-being.  Essential oils and other plant extracts have been used for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt, India, and China.

There are hundreds of essential oils and many great combinations with specific uses. We recently had a discussion with the owners of WrightWay Beauty Supply about the use of Thieves Essential Oil. Thieves is a combination of oils including cinnamon and clove, used during a plague to ward off sickness. As the legend goes, french thieves would wait until someone died, steal their clothes and money, but were not getting sick. Upon their capture, they were given a more lenient sentence in exchange for the secret formula they were using. An interesting thing to consider as we move forward in a pandemic and continue looking for ways to stay healthy.

Maybe it's a good time to incorporate "western" medicine and more traditional remedies, combat illness both ways. It couldn't hurt, right? 

How we use essential oils:

We use Essential Oils in many of our products, including our Shower Steamers from this months #BathBlissGiveaway.

In fact, all of our Luxe Lavender scented products are made with Lavender Essential Oil, because it's our favorite! We also use a combination of Peppermint Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil in our Hair & Body Oil, all specifically chosen for their hair or scalp benefits. 

We are excited to keep learning more about Essential Oils and their benefits to skin, hair, and our bodies in general. 

What are your favorite Essential Oils? Comment below!

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