Ingredient Highlights: Chamomile

Chamomile has been used for centuries, taken orally in teas and used on skin by infusing oils or other salves. It is believed to help as a digestive aid and is even believed to calm the nervous system.

We love Chamomile for all its skin-loving benefits, with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, it gently helps relieve dry itchy skin. 


More skin and body benefits of Chamomile include:

  • Helps heal and repair skin and mucus membranes, great for healing small wounds and scratches.

  • Contains bisabolol and apigenin, two anti-inflammatories that work similar to analgesics, providing mild pain relief from skin conditions and even arthritis. 

  • When consumed in a tea it also helps promote leucocyte (white blood cell) production, as well as treat indigestion and bouts of colic. 

Here at Blissful

In order to get all the skin loving benefits of chamomile you have to extract all the good stuff from the dried flowers. Here at Blissful Balms & Bath we choose to do this process ourselves. We believe the best skin starts with simple, natural ingredients, which is why we've chosen to start from scratch.

Through a slow and low heat process we infuse pure Olive Oil with raw chamomile plant material (dried flowers) over a 24 hour period, allowing the solution to heat up and simmer multiple times to extract all the beneficial compounds. We then strain out the plant material leaving the infused oil to be used in our Chamomile Coconut Balm. 

Our Chamomile Coconut Balm

Our Chamomile Coconut Balm was formulated to be a simple, easily absorbed, all-over balm. Safe to use on your entire body, including lips, scalp, and patches of irritated or inflamed skin. It contains no artificial colors, petroleum, or mineral oils. This balm is only lightly fragranced by the Chamomile infused Olive Oil, with no other fragrances added. 

This balm has been a favorite of ours recently, with excessive hand washing, no matter how good your soap is, you'll probably find your hands drying out, Chamomile Coconut Balm is an easy solution, it is fast absorbing but creates long lasting moisture. 

We first learned about infusing oils for this specific product, to make a balm that was very simple, but was naturally rich. We have started finding new ways to incorporate natural healing plants, herbs and oils into our recipes. They'll be in new products soon, stay tuned!

 Have you tried our Chamomile Coconut Balm yet? Do you know of or have experience with the other great benefits of Chamomile? Leave us a comment below!




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