A special Mother’s Day shoutout!

An extra special Happy Mother’s Day to my mama! The lady behind Blissful Balms & Bath.

When she’s not busy being a mom to us eight kids, (yes you read that right, EIGHT!) she’s probably drinking a cup of coffee. 😂 but really she’s probably busy working on ‘Blissful’.

After years of researching skincare, and how to naturally heal dry skin, she settled on a few recipes that really helped our family. These recipes all had one thing in common, simple natural ingredients, some safe enough to eat! So in 2018, she decided to start a small business and began sharing these products with all of you.

Since then, we have continued to challenge ourselves to keep making products that feel luxurious, smell good, and most importantly you never have to worry about harsh chemicals, irritants or fillers.

But back to mom, She is the star behind every product we have. Every new recipe, and all the delicious scent combinations. She also hand-makes EVERY👏🏽SINGLE👏🏽PRODUCT👏🏽, with just the two hands!

She has always been my hero, as a child I used to think she wasn’t afraid of anything. The definition of a Mama Bear, fiercely protective, loyal, but also there to teach, nurture and laugh with us.

In adulthood, she has become my best friend. Running a small business together has not been easy, and some days we drive each other crazy 🙃, but seeing her work on her dream these last few years has been a true inspiration. It has taught me that finding a passion and backing it with good intention, then taking action to try to improve your own life, will inevitably improve other people’s lives around you.

I won’t list every other thing she’s taught me. I’m almost 30 and it’s been something new every single day. We’d be here forever! But please join me in wishing her the most beautiful Mother’s Day!

Love you Mama,

J 💜

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